Nigerian Bread Seller Accidentally Photobombs Popstar And Gets Modeling Contract

People say fairytale are just for kids, but when they happen in real life, everyone feels the magic. Recently, English musician Tinie Tempah and photographer and singer Ty Bello were doing a photoshoot in Nigeria when they were accidentally photo-bombed by a bread seller. The catch? The photo was perfect, and Bello was enchanted.

“Who is she? Every one has been asking if this lady is a model… It was just perfect coincidence,” wrote Bello on Instagram. The search was on. 27-year-old Olajumoke Orisaguna, mother of two, was eventually found, but the story doesn’t end there. With Bello’s help, she scored a modeling contract, and was just featured on the cover of This Day Style!

Popstar Tinie Tempah was doing a photoshoot in Nigeria when a bread seller accidentally photobombed the shot

The photographer wanted to find her, but didn’t know who she was


The photographer wanted to find her, but didn’t know who she was

Then, on February 4th, he finally found her

Meet 27-year-old Olajumoke Orisaguna, bread seller, mother of two

“So I found her …our beauty from the @tiniegram shoot and boy have I got a fantastic story to share with you all”

“Meeting and photographing her has inspired us all”

“We can’t wait for the good that will come to her from all of this to unfold”

Just days later, Orisaguna was on the cover of this magazine!

A real-life fairytale

2 South African University Students Suspended for Apparent ‘Blackface’ One of the students at Stellenbosch University countered that they had been dressing as purple space aliens for a galactic-themed party, sparking backlash against the “blackface” allegations.

Posted: Feb. 8 2016 2:54 PM

Two white South African University students were suspended, pending an investigation, after painting their faces in what has been deemed a racially offensive “blackface” incident, the Associated Press reports.

According to the report, however, one of the Stellenbosch University students insists that they were dressed as purple aliens for a galactic-themed party. As the newswire notes, the incident comes at a time of increased debate on social media about racism in South Africa.

University spokesman Martin Viljoen said Monday that the university is aware of “new evidence” about the alien costumes and is currently investigating. The day before, the university announced that it had promptly acted after the alleged “blackface” incident that occurred Friday, and said that workshops and other discussions were being held in university residences over the weekend “to create awareness and understanding.”

“Stellenbosch University condemns all forms of racism and discrimination and acknowledges the severe negative impact of the pain and trauma experienced by students, staff and members of the public,” the university said, according to AP.

However, one of the students suspended in the incident, Poekie Briedenhann, has said that the entire incident was a misunderstanding and that it was dark-purple paint and glitter from a “stellar space” party that “appeared as black.”

One photo that has circulated on social media shows two people in the dark face paint with what seem to be blue lips as well as what may have been antennae made out of aluminium foil.

“We are aware that our actions in the #blackfacing incident last night at the Heemstede stellar-

space party where painting our bodies dark purple and cover[ed] with glitter appeared as black and thus as attempt to demean and exotify blackness,” Briedenhann said, according to News24. “We apologize for any offense occurred and take full responsibility for this.”

There has been some backlash from the other side, however, with supporters of the students, such as the Stellenbosch University civic body Stellies Rage, blasting the university for calling the incident “blackface,” according to News24.

YES!!! African Emojis Are Finally Here

By Robert Stitt


It wasn’t too long ago that emojis were missing something: ethnic color and flair. That’s not to say that the yellow circle faces represented non-ethnic cultures; either, but it was apparent they were not Black. Then, Apple came out with Black emojis. Not long after, Dove Hair made a line of curly-haired emojis available “for ladies who are Black, brown, white, and in between” as part of Dove Hair’s Love Your Curls campaign.

Today, there’s more. According to Bossip, “iManagement Consulting launched Afro Emoji on Google Play and iOS”. These “Afro Emojis” are described by their creators as “modern African hieroglyphs”. The emojis are customized, can be used with any of your favorite social media apps, and are specifically designed for Africans.

The thought behind the unique emojis was that these symbolic creations have become so much a part of the modern culture that they ought to represent inclusion and diversity as well. By adding variations of skin tones and hair, you can more accurately represent yourself. Many of the Afro Emojis do not just come with new characters, but with captions. CNN notes that the captions put a true African twist on things with statements like “Abeg no vex” (Please, don’t be annoyed), “E make brain” (It makes sense) and “My Oga at the top” (My boss at the top).

The original variations are mostly representative of West Africa. If well received, other parts of the continent will follow. Said one of the creators, “For a continent of almost 1 billion, we are woefully represented and this really grated with me, so I decided to do something about it…There are so many cultural nuances and mannerisms from across the continent, what we’re looking to do with Afro Emojis are portray them in pictorial form and package them in a way that millions can use and share.”

The first 50 emojis are free from Google Play and the App Store, but upgrades will cost you $1.99 for over 300 stickers.

A Texas couple was arrested on Monday

 A Texas couple was arrested on Monday for enslaving a Nigerian woman who they brought to the United States under the belief she would be caring for their children, the Houston Press reports.

Chudy Nsobundu, 56, and his wife Sandra, 50, were charged with forced labor, visa fraud, withholding documents and harboring conspiracy. The victim was also subjected to punishment, like being beaten for putting the wrong pair of socks on one of the couple’s five adopted children, and denied access to fresh food, water and medical care.

According to the Press, the 38-year-old woman was living in Lagos when she was contacted by Sandra Nsobundu in 2012. She worked for the couple for a year in Nigeria before they brought her with them to the United States. She believed she would be paid $100 a month to care for the couple’s children.

Instead she was not paid and forced to work from 5:30 a.m. to 1 a.m. every day, the Press reports. She was not allowed to sit down during her workday or watch T.V. She was forced to eat only leftover food and couldn’t even use fresh milk for her tea. She was forced to strain milk from used cereal instead. The couple also forced her to sleep on the floor with their two 3-year-olds because, they told her, she was “too smelly” for a bed.

The couple also referred to her as “the idiot” and Sandra Nsobundu threatened to shoot and kill her if she didn’t properly take care of the children.

The couple also took away all her personal possessions, including her passport.

The break in the case happened in October 2015 when the victim called her bank in Nigeria and discovered she had not been paid by the couple since arriving in the U.S. a month earlier, someone notified the National Human Trafficking Resource Center about the woman’s predicament. A month later, she fled the home with a caseworker from the YMCA International Trafficked Persons Assistance Program.

If convicted the couple faces 60 years in prison and $1 million in fines, according to the Press.

North Carolina students threatened with suspension for wearing African headwraps

Jamaica Gilmer

A group of black students at the School for Creative Studies in Durham, N.C., could not imagine how much controversy would be sparked when they decided to wear head wraps to class for Black History Month.

Afiya Carter says her 15-year-old daughter and her fellow classmates were threatened with suspension after administrators warned that they were in violation of the dress code.

According to the cited policy, “hats, caps, hoods, sweat bands and bandannas or other head wear worn inside [the] school building” are impermissible, with no exceptions being made for garments worn in with cultural or religious significance.

Monday, parents gathered at the school to chant in protest against Durham County Schools’ dress code policy.

“This is not right. This is not fair. We will not stand for it,” Carter says. “This is about supporting these young people and letting them know that their cultural expression is something to be valued, and value other people’s cultural expressions.”

“It says to me symbolically that our girls — and our boys, as well — have to alter not only their attire, but their whole selves in order to seem less disruptive or offensive,” said Dosali Reed-Bandele, whose daughter was among those reprimanded. “This is utterly ridiculous and I am tired of those messages bombarding our babies day in and day out.”

School authorities are now denying they threatened the students with disciplinary action, and the district says that after meeting with the students, the principal decided to allow the young women to wear headwraps — also known as African geles — as an instructional tool.

Durham County School Superintendent, Dr. Bert L’Homme, responded with the following statement:

“I have heard the concerns of parents and community members who feel our policy prohibiting hats and head wear is too strict or that it infringes on student’s cultural expression.

I understand their concerns and assure them that I will share their thoughts with the committee that is currently reviewing and suggesting revisions to our Code of Student Conduct.

In the meantime, I appreciate both the initiative shown by the young women at SCS and the school’s willingness to give these student leaders an opportunity to incorporate their ideas into a school-wide program. The gele, its history and how to wear it are now part of the school’s Black History Month activities for both middle school and high school students.

I can also tell you that SCS had an extensive schedule of Black History Month programs already. Daily seminars for high school students and other activities in middle school. But after meeting with the young women and incorporating their ideas, they’ve added themed Mondays and a Black History announcement as part of the morning messages. The members of the Young Women of Excellence group will be the ones making those announcements.”

“I hope that my daughter and the other girls learn that you should not alter who you are to fit in or assimilate to society’s so-called standards and that it’s perfectly on point to stand up for what you know is right,” said Reed-Bandele. “It is your birthright to be who the Creator made you to be.”






MarShawn McCarrel II Commits Suicide Outside Statehouse: Report The 23-year-old reportedly shot and killed himself around 6 p.m. Monday after posting a cryptic message on Facebook.


Around 3 p.m. Monday, a cryptic message was left on the Facebook page of Ohio Black Lives Matter activist MarShawn M. McCarrel II: “My demons won today. I’m sorry.”

Around 6 p.m. that day, McCarrel’s body was found outside the front door of the Ohio Statehouse,the Columbus Dispatch reports. It’s believed that McCarrel died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, although no one witnessed the shooting. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The 23-year-old activist was instrumental in organizing protests in Ohio after the death of Ferguson, Mo., teenager Michael Brown in 2014.

According to the New York Daily News, McCarrel founded the “youth mentorship program Pursuing Our Dreams, which launched Feed the Streets, a project to help Ohio’s homeless.” Earlier this year, McCarrel was named one of Radio One’s Hometown Champions, an award given to community activists.

“He is selfless and will give his last in order to make sure others don’t go without,” read a nomination page for the Hometown Champions Award. “MarShawn has come so far in life and has inspired so many people to help others.”

On Friday, McCarrel attended the NAACP Image Awards with his mother, according to the Daily News.

Before his death, McCarrel posted a series of tweets. One read, “Let the record show that I pissed on the state house before I left.” In another he said, “If we don’t have to live through hell just to get to heaven. I’ma stay right here with you.”


It’s no secret that Tyler Perry  endured many challenges on his climb to success. Despite his troubled childhood, he has accomplished what many only dream of. His story is one that is inspiring and is proof that where you come from does not determine where you’re going.  Tyler has built and entertainment empire in spite of the fact that…

  1. Perry was born Emmitt Perry, Jr. but, at age 16,  changed his name to distance himself from his dad.
  2. According to CNN, Tyler Perry was verbally abused and violently beaten by his father, Emmitt Perry Sr., until age 19.
  3. Tyler Perry’s mother tried to save him and his sister by  driving them to California, but his father reported the car stolen, and the family went to jail until he picked them up.
  4. In Us Magazine interview, Tyler Perry said his father “came home, mad at the world. He was drunk, as he was most of the time. He got the vacuum cleaner extension cord and trapped me in a room and beat me until the skin was coming off my back.”
  5. His grandmother tried to to rid him of his allergies by giving him “a bath in ammonia.
  6. ”Perry attempted suicide twice and later was homeless.
  7. He was molested by a friend’s mother at age 10; he was also molested by three men prior to this, and later learned his own father had molested his friend.
  8. A DNA test Perry recently took confirmed that Emmitt Sr. is not Perry’s biological father.
  9. While Perry did not complete high school, he earned a GED
  10. At age 22, he financed his first play, I Know I’ve Been Changed, by using his $12,000 life savings.


Guinea Ends Transmission of Ebola Virus

Forty-two days have passed since the last person confirmed to have Ebola virus disease in Guinea tested negative for the second time. The country now enters a 90-day period of heightened surveillance to ensure that any new cases are identified quickly before they can spread to other people.

Saa Sabas Temessadouno holds a certificate showing he was cured of Ebola (file photo). “ It’s my certificate I’m most proud of” Saa Sabas Temessadouno, who fell ill in April last year, after accompanying a sick elder to the health clinic. He spent more than three weeks in an Ebola treatment unit after testing positive for the virus. “This certificate proves I have been cured of Ebola,” he said. “It shows I am no longer contagious. When people see it, they believe it.” A few months after his release from the treatment centre, the former agronomist helped found the Association for People Affected by and Cured of Ebola in Gueckedou to help other survivors reintegrate into their communities. “There was so much stigma for a while,” Temessadouno said. “We couldn’t find work. Our families shunned us. Now we work to educate people so that survivors are welcomed home, not sent away. It has been very successful.”


Geneva — Today the World Health Organization (WHO) declares the end of Ebola virus transmission in the Republic of Guinea.

Forty-two days have passed since the last person confirmed to have Ebola virus disease tested negative for the second time. Guinea now enters a 90-day period of heightened surveillance to ensure that any new cases are identified quickly before they can spread to other people.

Nigerian broadcaster, Adaure Achumba weds white hubby…

Adaure Achumba marries white boo. Photo: Bunmi Olunloyo/Instagram

Adaure Achumba marries white boo. Photo: Bunmi Olunloyo/Instagram…

Tv girl, Adaure Achumba yesterday, December 19 got married to her white boo, Wes Ballance in a privately-held traditional ceremony. The wedding is coming 9 months after the couple got engaged. Wes proposed in March on Adaure’s birthday and the couple has finally settled into marital life….

‘LongStoryButHereIsShortVersion He proposed on the spot we first met in fall 1999 by the volleyball court at Criage Hall dorm @UNCchapelHill…i started randomly and typically started smack talking with his then random college kid @wesballance who said to me ‘Girl I’m Gonna Marry You’ …and in dismissed him in a very Nigerian manner just thinking he was just joking around and flaterring me…really who says that on first meeting…in my head i was like #Hiss #AbegGuyComotForRoad. Lol. We became friends and hung out in the same crew. We went bar hopping on #FranklinStreet and a few games. I failed my first semester cos i was always hanging out with him and @kidkhome and the rugby boys at the pit in front of Lenoir Cafeteria. I had a crush on him and enjoyed his company and he had a crush on me but i was just too green in the romance department to read the signs and he thought i was the biggest #IceQueen #GoodyTwoShoe #TotalNigerianPrincess #AintGotTimeForThat.The biggest irony in this my not so simple love story is i ended up dating another guy with the same first name and he my french tutor. We moved on and graduated but stayed friends…Fast forward to Fall 2014 (Tell you what…immo skip that part for the wedding) and now here we are..i even got punked for the proposal so there is a hidden_surprise cam video by @dr_adeyanju #BestBirthdayEver’…

Adaure Achumba 0

Adaure Achumba 000

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Zimbabwe lawmaker charged to court for insulting Mugabe’s wife, Grace


A member of parliament appeared in court on Monday, December 14, for insulting President Robert Mugabe’s wife, Grace, during a verbal exchange with another party member.

Justice Wadyajena, 35, was charged with “criminal insult or, alternatively, conduct likely to provoke the breach of peace” when he appeared before magistrate Lindiwe Maphosa in the resort town of Victoria Falls.

Prosecutor Listen Nare told the court that the lawmaker “used abusive or insulting language” against a party member who had a portrait of Grace Mugabe and a slogan calling on party members to rally behind her, emblazoned on his car.

The MP and party member Jimayi Muduvuri were both attending the ZANU-PF annual conference on Victoria Falls.

Wadyajena was quoted in court papers as having told Muduvuri: “You are a fool as well as that mother of yours.”
The first lady is referred to as “mother” by the ruling party supporters.

Wadyajena has been linked to a faction of ZANU-PF loyal to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa who is seen as Mugabe’s heir while Muduvuri, a businessman, is seen as belonging to a group in the party opposed to Mnangagwa’s bid to succeed Africa’s oldest leader.

Wadyajena was granted $800 bail and is expected to go on trial in January 5.

Source: AFP